Anyone in peds neuroscience?

  1. So I really want to become a peds neuro nurse, with the eventual intent of getting my masters to be an epilepsy educator. What do the nurses in neuroscience do? IS there a lot of dealing with kids with seizures?

    Is there a better peds unit to work on that would better prepare me for my master plan?
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  3. by   beautifulbyHisblood
    I have a friend who just began working as a neuroscience nurse. She says she has a lot of kids with CP, epilepsy, strokes, etc. I think it's a big variety, but out of all the floors you could work on, I'd say neuro has the most epilepsy. Good luck!!
  4. by   KelRN215
    This topic is a little old but I'll respond anyway. I worked inpatient peds neuroscience for almost 5 years. Seizures were probably our #1 diagnosis. My floor involved all neuro specialties (general neurology, neurosurgery, epilepsy and neuro-oncology). Every floor is a little different though... in some places, neuro-oncology would go to the heme/onc floor, in some places neurosurgery would go to surgery, etc. If you are in school now, I'd suggest getting a position as an aide on a neuro floor. If you are interested in pedi, I'd also suggest checking out the epilepsy foundation's website... they list all the camps for children with epilepsy throughout the country and you could perhaps volunteer at the one closest to you (most of them are only about a week long) which would give you a good experience. I did this in college and I still volunteer at the same camp as an RN today.