The Nurse as Behavioral Change Coach

  1. There are many special interest groups (SIGs) within the*Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)*Community, but not one for nurses. I am trying to see just how much interest there is in setting up a SIG for nurses interested in ACT and behavioral change coaching. My hope is that folks on the general lists getting this might forward it along to nurses they know, creating a bit of a viral momentum.
    My name Darrell King. I work as a psychiatric RN for the State of New York in a community setting, and my focus is on coaching behavioral change. I am involved in bringing the use of ACT into the Nursing setting for the purpose of assisting clients with behavioral change in areas from diabetic diets to medication compliance to managing psychotic symptoms. I see this tool as something useful to nurses whether they work in the home or the hospital, a way to make healing in this area available even on a nurse's limited schedule.
    I think we can benefit from establishing a nursing SIG focused on behavioral change, which can have many functions. One of these is the online discussion list, wherein members exchange ideas, thoughts, problems, and suggestions in pursuit of growth and problem-solving. If you have such an interest, please send me your name and email at and I will notify you when the list is set up. Or, visit and investigate for yourself, and drop me a line if you join the association!
    Thank you!
    Darrell G King, RN
    Rochester, NY, US
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  3. by   sweeteningtooth
    There are some cases where nurses seem not to know about their work.
    Coach about patients condition is also a must.
    I have this fried who has a great nurse as their family own.
    She only enrolled online and she's even better than all the others who went to real school

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