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Hello everyone, So I saw this old clip today for the first time: and at the 3:23, Letterman's guest begins to suggest that nicotine is not harmful to one's health. Clearly, advocating this E-cigarette device is part of... Read More

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    Quote from Type1Nurse
    Didn't read the whole thread (sorry, on my mobile) but I just had to point out an aside - ahem..... WHAT THE HELL IS JENNY MCARTHY DOING PROMOTING ECIGS IN COMMERCIALS?!?! ISNT SHE THE ONE WHO THINKS VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM??
    yes. She is a moron as are most people in Hollywood.
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    Quote from TheGooch
    yes. She is a moron as are most people in Hollywood.
    But she "cured" her son's Austism, remember? Oh, wait, her son never had autism.

    Anyway, regarding the e-cig thing, my ex did what the first poster mentioned, he'd switched to the e-cigs and the charger died and it was cheaper to buy a pack of cigarettes than a new charger, and that one pack has led to a carton, and he's a regular smoker now. Regardless how someone chooses to quit smoking, the most important thing is the smoker deciding they're ready to quit. Then they can find the method that works well for them. I never smoked but had relative who did (and that's why I don't smoke; I watched my grandmother have a heart attack when I was 13; she survived that one but the 4th one killed her when I was 18). What I can't understand is how someone could start smoking now, given what we know about the hazards of it.
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    Hey! If Jenny McCarthy says its OK and safe to "smoke" e-cigs, well by golly that should be good enough for all of us! After all, look what she did to the fight for vaccinations by telling anyone who would listen that her son "got" autism from being vaccinated!