Thinking of transfer from ortho to ICU

  1. I currently hold a BS in Education and am working toward a second degree BSN. I started at the beginning of the year working as a PCT on an ortho-neuro floor. I am working with my manager, who also manages ICU, about transferring there. She says I would be a great fit for the unit. I want to learn more and gain more experience. Any advice/comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   funtimes
    I dont work exclusively in an ICU, but I help out occasionally, mainly with lifting and moving and repositioning patients and maybe occasionally helping to restrain someone as our ICU doesnt have CNAs or PCTs. I would never want to work there all the time as it seems like it would be a really back breaking job if youre a CNA. So many of the patients are completely dead weight, and it makes it a lot more difficult moving them around when they are on a vent and have all these tubes and lines attached to them. As a CNA or PCT, I would assume lifting and moving would be a big part of your job, probably the main reason for having you there.

    Thats not to say you couldnt learn a lot. Im sure it would be the ideal place to learn if you plan on being an ICU Nurse, but just keep in mind its going to be some hard work.
  4. by   boricualuna
    I have been working as a critical care tech (same as a PCT) for 8 years and I am currently in my first semester of nursing school. I love CCU/ICU, I have learned so much while working there that it has helped me a lot this semester.
  5. by   hollyj226
    I have worked in the Medical ICU for almost three years while working on my pre-reqs for nursing school. I have learned a lot about organizing my time management and communication skills.
    The fast pace environment is exciting and always changing. In my ICU we have equipment (air pals, turn beds, etc) that helps the nurses and I lift and turn patients to reduce the stress on our backs. I love my job and hope to become an ICU after graduating nursing school.
  6. by   boogalina
    I've been an ICU CNA for over a year, and I am glad for the varied experiences I've gotten. And lots of opportunity to be involved in/experience codes, which can be rare on other floors (lots of times Rapid Response prevents codes by moving patients to higher acuity care levels before they code).
  7. by   all517
    Absolutely! I worked as a tech in an ICU during school and I can almost promise that is what helped labs me a job in the ICU as a new graduate. Not only is it a wonderful learning experience, it shows you're familiar around the high acuity environment.