the nurses i work with dont want me to succeed!

  1. I told my director that i was putting in for a transfer to the hospital closer to my home(15 mins away) because driving an hour to and from work longer during rush hour traffic. I wasnt seeing nor spending time with my kids after i got out of class because i had to be at work. She said fine.

    Well i get a phone call from one of the dayshift nurses that im friends with(i work night shift). And she tells me that our director told the nurses i was looking to transfer. Wwweeeelllll! From what i was told NOW the nightshift nurses are trying to find something to write me up about because once i get a write up, i have to wait til 6 months after the write up to be able to transfer. I asked her WHY was they trying to do this. And her words exactly was, "they dont want you to leave because you're our best tech(cna), and they want to keep you here."

    ********! If im the best tech give me a ******* raise! Dont tant my name with a write up for your own selfish reasons. I dont plan on being a tech all my life. Im taking advantage now of the fact my jobs putting me through nursing school. I was upset when she told me this idk what to do. I have to work with these ppl KNOWING they're trying to tant my name and thats unfair!
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  3. by   donovasu
    It sounds like your "friend" is trying to start some drama. Drop it and don't discuss it with anyone on your floor. Continue to do your best and talk to your HR representative if you want to discuss this rumor with someone.
  4. by   BlueChocolateCat
    I don't think that your manager/director had the right to tell your co-workers about your wishes to transfer.

    However, now that you have this "rumor" in your knowledge, then you may want to approach your manager/director and inform him/her about what you have been told. I would not try to make excuses, but assure them that your quality of work will remain the same.
  5. by   BiohazardBetty
    I agree with donovasu... She's trying to cause drama, but wrap it up in some kind of compliment that the night nurses are being mean because they love you. Sounds fishy to me... Wouldn't THEY tell YOU if they were so devastated? I'd be sad if my CNA was leaving too, simply because it would make my job harder until she was replaced... & that's a huge compliment for her, but purely selfish on my part.

    As long as you keep working hard & doing the things you know are right, there will be absolutely no reason to write you up anyway. Be proud your co-workers will miss your hard work when you're gone!

    It may be hard to do, but make sure you don't assume a "victim" mentality. Otherwise not only would you not get your transfer, you'll be stuck in a job you'll hate with a group I co-workers you resent.

    Good luck!!