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Possible hospital PCT Interview Questions?

  1. 0 Hi! I got an interview! I'm so elated since I've been "stalking" nursing managers for a while now. I am currently using a book that reviews interviewing skills. I have also set up a mock interview with my school's career services office. I am wondering if anyone has any particular questions that they were asked in regards to a PCT/CNA position in the hospital?

    I do have almost a year of CNA experience and the HR recruiter seemed intrigued but I will be meeting with two nursing managers to see if they like me. I think one of their major concerns is whether I will be able to maintain full-time employment with them once I enroll in nursing school in August of this year. I told the recruiter that I'm good with time management. However, I think I should elaborate more on this when I meet with the recruiter in person for a face to face interview and especially when I interview with the nursing managers. Any thoughts?

    By the way the floors are med-surg and rehab.

    Any tips is appreciated.
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    Congrats on your interview! Very exciting. In my nurse tech (CNA) interview, I was asked a few different questions about why I would make a good tech, why should they hire me, what qualities do I think a good tech should have, that sort of thing. They also gave me a scenario where multiple things were going on in the hospital and I was asked to prioritize. This is my first CNA job but since you have prior experience they may ask you about your past positions. Good luck! I hope you get it
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    Thanks lalopop86! Yes, I am so excited. I don't interview that often and I am nervous. The interview isn't until Wednesday and don't want to sound too rehearsed so I'll just make sure I remember the points that I want to elaborate and have some stories/examples too.

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    did u get the job ?