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  1. Hello All,

    I hope I'm doing this right; this is my first post. Anyway, I wanted to know if anyone can suggest a CNA/PCT school that is not to far from Alpharetta, GA (North Fulton County). I have been considering a school called New Horizions Medical Institute, located in Norcross, GA. The thing that grabs me with this school is that within the PCT course, you will also get your Phlebotomy and EKG certification, and basic radiology skills. I have applied to Kennesaw State University's Nursing School (Accelerated Spring 2011), and would like to get my foot in the door working as a PCT until classes start IF I GET ACCEPTED. The tuition is very reasonable, and the individuals that I have talked to, seem very professional compared to other schools that I have contatced. The course is only 10 weeks and I think that is very good. What do you all think?

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  3. by   futuredivanurse
    hi raemarr,

    this reply is waaaayyy late...but i wanted to know if you ever went to New Horizons Medical Institute? I went to two schools today regarding the CNA/PCT combo...New Horizons in Norcross and Elite Medical in Norcross. I didn't get a good feeling from New Horizons when i went today. I had set an appointment the week prior, but the admission coordinator did seem prepared. She was nice, but i felt like i had came while she was in the middle of something...even though i arrived a few minutes early. She answered my questions...but it was the way she came off. She told me that clinicals are held for the CNA....but PCT clinicals are no longer offered. She said that the doctor offices that use to support the clinicals have now declined because of the liability on their (the doctors) insurance. I personally think something else...but i digress. Anyway i went to Elite and the coordinator seemed more on the ball to me. Clinicals are for both the PCT and CNA course. I am still trying to decide when i will take the courses this month or next month.
  4. by   StarLite1980
    Hi Future,

    I did end up going to New Horizions and it was ok. Do I feel prepared to work as a PCT... NO! Do I feel prepared to work as a Phlebotomist...HELL HELL HELL NO!! We partnered up 1 day and only stuck our partner's once. I don't think that is enough training. I wish we did have a clinical for PCT. Yes, it is a great liability to have students go to Dr's offices for clinicals, and New Horizions would also have to carry liability insurance on us... maybe due to the economy they are cutting costs. The Director/Instructor was late to almost every class, and everything was just a little too laid back if you ask me. There was no reinforcement to make sure that we were learning everything... no homework, quizes, etc. She just read from the NHA Study Guide. The good thing is that you get certified as a CNA, PCT, EKG Specialist and Phlebotomist. I thought about going to Elite, but you don't get the EKG Certification. I guess because of the fact that Elite is so much more expensive than New Horizions is because they do Clinicals for PCT. Do your research and ask if you can sit in on some classes wherever you are thinking about going. Good Luck!
  5. by   futuredivanurse
    Hi Raemarr,

    Sorry to hear about your experience at NEW HORIZONS. I reread my post and meant to say that "the admission coordinator DIDN'T seem prepared at NEW HORIZONS." Elite is more expensive, but they are running a discount special for this month. I went to ELITE and i asked the coordinator if they offered night PCT classes and she told me "yes" and it was for Monday-Wednesday. She also told me the CNA was offered at night and that the classes run Mon-Wed. She also told me that whatever class schedule you take, that is the time your clinicals would start. I was a little hesitant because i have never heard of night clinicals...weekend yes....night clinicals...no. SO i asked her about three times to make sure. I work a full and part time job and i would be giving up my part time gig just to attend school. Well they called me this past week and she must have forgotten what she told me because she said the CNA part of the CNA/PCT combo was Mon-THURS 6-10 (not Mon-WED). she also told me that the PCT part was days only Mon-THURS.

    I told her i couldn't go to school during the day because of my full time job. She told me to jump on the special and they would work out the PCT program for the night shift...she said they were trying to start a night PCT and that after i get my CNA done...there would probably be a lag because it takes time to get night classes filled I told her i would think about it. I do not doubt this school is great at what they do...BUT..you gotta keep your facts straight. I didn't know that they do not offer the EKG certification.

    I have been to numerous medical training facilities and none have tickled my fancy as of yet. I don't expect them to roll out the red carpet...but give me some kind of warm welcome...i assume they have such a high influx of people from the economy...so my little money wouldn't make or break them. I am trying to do my homework. I am going to try Norcross Institute of Allied Health and Metro Medical Training (which is in Smyrna, a little far...but they offer great specials and they have a schedule that fits me...we will see). I think a lot of these medical training places are popping up to make a buck off the desperate people in these trying times. The highest that i have seen was $3500 for the PCT simple ridiculous....and you had to complete the CNA which was about $550. Sorry to ramble on...good luck to you!
  6. by   barbamatt
    I went to school in Mableton, GA (Cobb County) through Cobb CNA School. http://www.cobbcnaschool.com/ They have a great program and teach the basics. It may be a bit of a drive, but the school is very affordable and I have nothing but great things to say about them. I even got a job in a hospital after completing the course. (I went to the PCT program as well as the CNA)

    A lot of my classmates got jobs in local hospitals. Including Wellstar, Northside, and Grady. the course really prepares you well for the jobs. Many of the CNAs get jobs at nursing homes...most of the PCT gets jobs at hospitals.

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