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  1. Hey all! I am a nursing student who will be graduating in April with my BSN. For about a year I have been searching for nursing assistant positions in a hospital, and when my search was coming up short I started applying to nursing homes. I finally got into a nursing home, and about a month later I received a call for an interview at a hospital. I received the job on a acute rehab unit, and went PRN at the nursing home. My main intention for getting a position in the hospital was to gain valuable experience and also get my foot in the door at a hospital. Only issue is that I am not interested in acute rehab nursing at all, I am more interested in ER/Trauma nursing. Will this acute rehab nursing assistant position still give me valuable experience towards getting into the ER/Trauma when I graduate? Has anybody worked as a tech on one unit in a hospital then got a job as a RN on a different unit in the same hospital? And does nursing assistant experience in general look good no matter what unit if you do decide to apply to a different facility? I am just concerned that this position isn't going to give me the experience I am looking for.

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    The fact that you will have healthcare experience, especially in a hospital, before graduation is a big plus! Hospitals like to promote from within. Typically, depending on the budget, floors/unit usually hire the techs that work there as they already can attest to their skills and work ethic. I know many new grads that were the first to obtain jobs as an RN in their class because of their tech experience. Since you are starting out on an acute rehab floor, you can always transfer to a different floor/unit when a new position becomes available. Or, stay on that floor until graduation then apply for the ER/Trauma. Any experience is good experience when it comes time to apply and interview. You'll become familiar with procedures and develop your time management skills that you can take anywhere. I am currently a tech. I have never worked in the ER, but have worked in our trauma icu before. My previous experience working on the floor made the transition to the icu easier for me since I am already familiar with things.
  4. by   Kimynurse
    Acute rehab patients,
    Are still very sick, you will learn so much.
    They have picc lines, staples, wounds and so much more.