New York State National Exam for PCT tips and tricks for passing exam !!!

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    Hi everybody
    I want to share some useful info for preparing to national exam and actually help you to pass .I went to some school for exam review last week ,they give me some exam material around 150 question and i paid a lot of money for it . And while preparing for the exam i found out a lot of useful website that provide so many information for free and the same question that i have here your chance to pass .I am gonna give you links make sure you study hard .If you have any question let me know...
    P.S my exam on 26/02 i keep you updated ... A&P/AP 1/Northland/AP Study Questions/Heart.htm A&P/AP 1/Northland/AP Study Questions/Respiratory System.htm

    his is what i got so far , i am gonna keep you updated if i find more .

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    make sure you study all phlebotomy tubes
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    some more medical terminology AAMA CMA Practice Exam: Medical Terminology
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    Who took the national test for PCT in NY ,please confirm or share your experience ......
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    Got my test today it was so easy just waiting for result .....
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    yeaah got my result !!! PASS
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    Hi i was just wondering where you took your test?
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    Very helpful thank you! I'm taking my exam tomorrow and I'm pretty nervous! I feel more confident now!

    The only thing that bugs me though is that you said "New York State National" know "National" means it's an exam for the "Nation", right?

    So it's the same anywhere in the US.

    I'm in Texas but again, thanks it was very helpful!C:

    I couldn't find any of this online!

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