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    Hello all!! I just landed a job in the ED as a tech and HR had told me that they see on average 262 patients a day in the ED. This is valuable information but I have to idea how to apply or compare that number. Is this considered a low, average, or high flow of patients?

    You help and input is appreciated!!!

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    If I had to guess based on my experience I'd say that sounds like it's probably a 30-35 bed ER that has two doctors and 2-3 np/pa's on an average shift. Am I close?

    If it's about the size I guessed, that sounds like a management census. If smaller then it seems high to me if larger is seems low.
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    Is it a large hospital in a large city?...It seems a bit normal...maybe a hair higher than avg. Idk, it's about 11/hr.
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    It's near big cities in NJ right outside Manhattan but its a community based hospital not a trauma center.

    The ED has about 50 beds but hard to distinguish yet if the techs are understaffed. They made it sound like the work load would be rather intense so I was trying to figure out how it compared ( I am an EMT about an hour away and we deliver to a level 2 trauma center; the two EDs seemed drastically different )

    I appreciate your responses thank you!

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