Is there such a thing as a PCT to LPN program or assistance from work place?

  1. Hello!

    Well, like I've mentioned before, I finished up a patient care technician program here in New York, I'm refreshing myself up for when the time of taking the certification exam arrives. I have been searching for LPN programs online, just to serve me as reference since I would like to further myself after PCT.

    I have a question pertaining a comment a classmate made while I was in one of my PCT classes, she mentioned that some hospitals here in New York City will help out with becoming an LPN after a year or so of working as a patient care tech at such place. I didn't really have much of a friendship or approach with my classmates so all I did was listen, didn't really go ahead and asked for details. But I've been trying to find out if this is true, yet I haven't found any links or information online.

    I have heard some things here and there of hospitals helping out with tuition, or training, etc. in exchange of a working agreement or contract. But again, this is just what I've been able to get from hearing or reading here and there.

    I'd love to know if there are such opportunities for PCT's after a certain amount of time working at a hospital. If not, then okay, but I would like to clear up the doubt.

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  3. by   Miiki
    All of the hospitals around me do, but its only for full-time employees which is hard if your full time in scho. Tuition assistance is considered a benefit like health insurance and 401k contributions.
  4. by   CarlyBelle
    Thank you!