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How did you guys go about getting an ER Tech Position? Did you apply online or did you guys go in and talk to the manager? Ive been an EMT for 2 years now, but i want something a little more... Read More

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    Quote from MusicEMT
    Well i do have my EKG Training and ACLS, but i still need my phlebotomy local classes fill up fast here.. i might look at a CNA Cert, how long is the training?
    Sounds like you are already more qualified than most since you have actual EMT experience along with ACLS and EKG training. Where I live its impossible to get any of that kind of training unless its on the job or you go to Nursing school.

    CNA school is usually around 8 to 12 weeks going to school maybe 2 or 3 nights a week. It probably isnt going to help much since its geared more towards taking care of people who have been admitted to a hospital or live in a nursing home and need longer term care than just a few hours, but again, it certainly wouldnt hurt. It could help get you into a hospital somewhere else, and then you could possibly apply for any jobs in the ED if they come up.

    Im an EMT and a CNA. There arent any EMT jobs in the remote area I live in so I volunteer as an EMT and work as a patient care tech on a medical surgical unit. Its not as fast paced or unpredictable as the ER, but it can be interesting, and unlike the ER all your patients are truly sick. I also help out in the ED occasionally since we dont have any ER techs.

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    Would it help if i can somehow email the nursing manager directly? it seems like the best way in is by knowing someone
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    it wouldnt hurt
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    I would check with your state and/or hospital regulations. While the EMT is a great background for working in the ER and looks good on your application...where I live you must be a CNA to work there. Also I have found that it helps to follow up your application with a phone call to HR, sometimes HR can drop the ball. Good luck!

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