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    Has any CNA/MA/PCT's worked in the ER as a ER tech and would you mind telling me what do you do as an ER tech because i applied for a job as a ER tech.

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    The ER techs at my hospital do a wide assortment of things... Help in codes, put on splints, do ekgs, draw blood, get vitals, transport patients to x ray/ct scan/ ultrasound... Bring patients to the floor. Take out IVs. They do a lot of the wound care too.
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    Do they administer injections because im a medical assistant and i applied for that position just to get some experience and thank you for your comment
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    No, our ER techs can't do anything with medications. However laws vary by state so it could be different where you live. Were you trained to give injections as a medical assistant? Because then they *might* let you, but it really depends on the facility.
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    I'm an ER Tech. I draw blood, start IV's, do splints of all kinds, dispense crutches, assist patients in ambulating, collect specimens and take them to the lab, lots and lots of vitals, catheters, emenas, bladder scans, take patients to the floor if they're admitted, take them to other depts for CT or X-Ray if they need help, assist Dr or nurse if they need extra hands. There's probably more that I do, but can't think of now.
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    @soxgirl yes i can draw blood and give injections as a medical assistant i have my cna/pct/cma so i can do everything @dannygirl that sounds interesting i would love to do all of thank anything to get me prepared for nursing school i need all the experience
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    If you are a CNA/PCT/MA, you are more than qualified. Unfortunately many ERs prefer EMTs with field experience. Why I have no idea, as working the road as an EMT is nothing like the ER, but for whatever reason thats what many want.
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    i guess we will see i just waiting on a phone call hofefully someone calls me soon causei talked to the manager.
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    I'm an ER tech. I do vein puncture, ekg's, splints, you name it. I'm also a EMT-B though. They want people they know can handle it. It can be rough, exhausting, and traumatic but also really cool. My ER is a Level 1and they only hire EMT's. Good luck!
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    In my ER we have to be Phlebotomy certified and the job description says EMT or CNA preferred but they don't really care about those (HR cancelled my EMT Cert verification when I was being hired because it took way longer than my phlebotomy) I do venipuncture, 12 lead EKGs, splints, vital signs, pt. transport, sitting for psych patients, CPR on coding patients, and assisting nurses and docs however I can, among other things. I used to do some point of care testing like UA dipsticks and accuchecks but our hospital changed their policy to allowing only licensed personnel to do these now. Our techs also work as the unit secretary so I do that as well. The ER can be very hectic at times so you need to be able to multi-task, prioritize, be assertive, and be able to communicate well with others.

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