ER-PCT vs ER Tech

  1. Hey everyone, I was hoping that someone could explain the difference between an ER-PCT and an ER Tech. Honestly, I thought they were the exact same thing, but apparently not. I have my national certification as an EMT-Basic so when talking with Human Resources they said I was eligible to apply for the ER Tech position but not the ER-PCT position. Is there really that much of a difference? And if so, what tasks are different, and is there an actual pay difference between the two? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

    Sorry for asking such a silly question, I've just devoured the internet and can't find diddly squat.

    Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   Bruce_Wayne
    Hi, that sounds very similar to how they hire ER techs at my hospital. "ER Techs" or techs that are EMT qualified can do more than an a PCT can do. They might let you do things like insert foleys or set up sterile sheets for a burn victim, etc etc. Things your qualified for with your EMT. I think the EMT experience is preferred in the ER.

    PCT is an umbrella term for CNAs and UAP (Unlicensed Auxiliary Personnel).

    Now maybe your hospital is using the terms differently but if it's like mine then the "ER techs" can do the most interventions and make the most money" And then after then are PCTs that can draw blood, and then after them are PCTs that can't draw blood.
  4. by   dreher101
    Thanks, This really helped better explain it!