Does BIDMC hire their PCA's for RN positions

  1. Hi I am a nursing student pursuing my ADN (associates in nursing) at BHCC. I have a Bachelor's in Science degree in Biology. I have a friend in my nursing program that got me an interview with his hiring manger, which I attended today. It is at BIDMC in a med-surg unit. I asked a lot of question and listened to a lot about how the hospital works. But i looks promising that I might get it.

    My concern is job security. The hiring manager told me it was a possibility that I could be hired after graduation, seeing I have a Bachelor's Degree and will have an ADN. I have to be honest though I am getting cold feet. He said 2013 has been flooded with applications for the Clinical I positions. But he did also say that BIDMC hires from within and my experience would qualify me. So I am trying to trust the silver lining in that part of our conversation. Does anyone have experience in FARR 1-9 at BIDMC that can offer support about obtaining a job after graduation?

    My alternative which I don't really want to take is applying to Spaulding Rehab in Cambridge hire their PCA's ( I think they call them techs) with 2 year degrees consistently without worry.

    I really want the job, I have 7 years experience as a PCA and I don't necessarily want another rung on my resume but BIDMC is a good hospital. Can anyone offer any advice on whether it is a prudent decision to accept the position working in med-surg.

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    You should post this in the Massachusetts forum. Internal applicants often have somewhat of an advantage but, in my experience, the Boston teaching hospitals REQUIRE a BSN and a BS plus an ADN doesn't typically cut it. To be honest, Bunker Hill doesn't have the best reputation in the Boston nursing community- there's a current discussion on the Massachusetts nursing forum where this has been mentioned several times. BIDMC has also had some financial troubles in the past few years (they lost a multi-million dollar lawsuit over unpaid overtime a couple years back) and, in general, there are way more nurses in Boston than there are jobs. New grads who get hired at the Boston hospitals tend to be grads from Northeastern, Simmons, BC, UMass and other local BSN programs who place their students there for clinicals.

    That said, if you want to work at BI as a nurse it would surely be more advantageous to you to accept this position. An internal ADN applicant undoubtedly has a better chance than an external ADN applicant.