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  1. I'm currently a nursing student, and within the next few months I'm hoping to apply for a surgical assistant position at my hospital. This position at my local hospital is basically the same as a PCA position but in the OR. I want to become an OR nurse after I graduate, so I want to be able to learn the OR environment. I am in a nursing program at the hospital where I will be applying to (I also have all my clinicals there), so I am used to the hospital and its systems. As far as references go, none of my managers work at the facilities any longer from where I was employed, so I just listed my nursing instructors as references who have all seen my clinical performances. Thank you!

    11111 Awesome Road
    Awesome place, State 00000

    Objective: Obtain a Surgical Assistant position in the Operating Room.

    Clinical Experience:
    -Applying adaptive equipment and mobility aids to ensure patient safety during mobilization
    -Maintaining an aseptic technique and sterile field to reduce the risk of infection when performing sterile procedures.
    -Assisting and providing activities of daily living, as needed, such as bathing, dressing, oral care, grooming, shaving, and feeding.

    Employment: An Assisted Living Community Awesomeness, State
    Care Manager, Alzheimer's and February 2010 to November 2010
    Dementia unit
    -Observed clients' conditions and reported changes to professional staff.
    -Turned and re-positioned bedridden patients, alone and with assistance, to prevent skin breakdown.
    -Cleaned rooms and changed linens.
    -Answered phones and directed visitors.
    -Performed clerical duties such as processing documents and recording any changes in clients' physical, emotional, or behavioral states.
    -Performed department maintenance activities including cleaning, stocking, and procuring supplies.

    Local Coffee Place Awesome, State
    Barista August 2009 to December 2009
    -Prepared and served drinks to customers in a timely manner.
    -Maintained a clean and orderly work area.

    Local Pool Awesome, State
    Lifeguard June 2006 to August 2009
    -Monitored activities in swimming areas to prevent accidents and provide assistance to swimmers.
    -Administered first aid care.

    -Educated in hospital safety procedures, sterile technique, medical terminology, anatomy, physiology.
    -Proficient in HOSPITAL'S CHARTING SYSTEM, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Internet Explorer).

    Education: The Awesome School Awesome, State
    Pursuing Diploma for Registered Nurse Program Anticipated graduation: July
    2014, Currently a first year,
    second semester student

    Honors: Fall 2012 Dean's List with a 4.0 GPA at The Awesome School

    Certifications: CPR; BLS for Healthcare Providers Certification by the American Heart Association, Obtained 07/2012, Expires 07/2014

    References: 3 nursing instructors from my school
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  3. by   Graduation2016
    What are the requirements for this position? Once you become an RN you would have to be certified as a first assist then you would be considered an assistant. A PA assists too. As a Scrub Tech (which I am) you will assist in a limited way since you have a busy time keeping up with instruments, the mayo stand and your back table. I work in L&D and when we don't have an assistant I will assist the OB Dr by myself. But honestly I haven't heard of a surgical assistant position with no training. An OR RN is not actually part of the sterile team, they circulate; hand out supplies to the scrub tech and chart.
  4. by   Graduation2016
    As a tech you will just do CNA work, nothing really to do with the sterile field. Mostly helping transferring the patient in and out of the OR, etc
  5. by   amg418
    Hi there! The requirements for this job are the same as a PCA. I realized after I lost the editing capability that I used improperly used tech and assistant interchangeably. The actual position title is a Surgical Care Assistant (which is different from the tech, and assistant or first assist) and mainly helps with positioning the patient for surgery and getting the supplies needed for each case. I don't believe every hospital has this sort of position, so it may be unique to my hospital.
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  6. by   Graduation2016
    Well, good luck either way. The OR is amazing! You will learn tons while in there!
  7. by   amg418
    Thank you! I had a perioperative experience a few weeks ago and absolutely loved the OR! I want to become more knowledgeable about the OR, so I know it would be an incredible learning experience to work in this position.
  8. by   Hay927
    Hey amg418! Your resume looks great to me. I'm sure you will be a strong candidate for the job with your high standing in the school. :-) I had seen another post of yours from a while ago about the school you are attending. I will be starting there this August. I am very excited and would love to get to talk to a current student if you would be interested.