CNA job ill be starting soon

  1. Hey everyone haven't been on here in a while and just wanted to give an update. I was offered a job as a PCT at ochsner hospital and accepted it at first but now Im going to be working closer to home because it is more convient at the Veterans Home acroos the street from my house as a CNA. Im a little upset about this but its still a blessing because Ill get the exsperience I need and when my time comes to move on it will be a lot easier and Ill have exsperience to back me up. I have also gone back to school online to get my associates degree in Healthcare Administrations and I am really excited about that.
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  3. by   mvm2
    wow you can't beat having a job right cross the street from your home. My CNA clinicals where at our local vets home and I really loved it. Hope you love your new job, and hope you do well with your classes for your accociates
  4. by   CPCTColeman
    Thanks mvm2. Yea it is convient but its not the best place or the place I want to be. I did clinicals at this place too and the people weren't all that. I can say 2-3 people really taught me and gave me the training I needed and everyone else was just negative and didnt want to teach us anything. Howeve, Ima take as a postive until I am able to move on to a nother place. For me Im staying there 2 years tops.
  5. by   AM326
    love, the LTC centers around here are horrible...(NOT THE PATIENTS!) The CNAs were very aggressive with their patients...the nurses seemed like they didn't have the time of day to hear about any report you had to give about the patient, and upper management treated the CNAs like dirt. Needless to say it left a seriously dirty taste in my mouth and since then I try as hard as I can to stray for LTCs. :/ I have an idea of how you feel and maybe just after a year you can transfer to a hospital as a PCT I wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy your online classes!
  6. by   CPCTColeman
    Your exactly right arianarod236. You hit every thing on point. I will surely transfer after 2 years though. Once my baby starts schoool I am out of there. Thanks for the luck and I am really enjoying my online classes even though we are only in week 2 I love them all ready.