cardiac ICU PCT job???

  1. 0 I have an interview in cardiac ICU as a PCT. I'd like to know what a floor like this is looking for in a PCT and what to expect my job duties to be besides bed side care.
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    I was a tech in the ICU and I did anything and everything ranging from accuchecks, cleaning pts, helping a pt to/back to bed from chair, set up tray or help feed, stock linen and cart in room, help the RNs during an admission, help turn and do mouth care (q2 and q4h). In the cardiac ICU, if surgical, I suspect some will be post op so you'll be helping them to and from the bedside chair... Post op cardiac likes to get em up moving around! With the sicker patients helping turn and clean the patient/linen. It's a wonderful learning experience, good luck! You'll do great!
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