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Best Kept Secret! Great Bang For Your Buck (School)

  1. 0 Hey Guys,

    I recently got a grant from the state (ny) to Go back to school after years of being a Home Health Aide they approved me for a grant to get my CNA/PCT/phlebotomy certificates. After doing my research for almost 2 moths and visiting the usual suspects:

    Allen School
    ABC school

    and too many others to mention, by the way, you guys on this blog have saved me so much time, money, and headache. Thanks a bunch.

    But I digressed, what I wanted to say is that I found this awesome school by the name of:

    New Age Training

    Has anyone heard of it? Or am I just late to the party? lol

    anyways compared to the other, oftentimes, outrageous prices other schools are asking for this school gives a pretty good deal. And get this, they actually have a website where they post their prices and give you a detailed inventory of what you are getting for your buck. I also spoke to some of their students who where hanging outside the building on their break. They where brutally honest with me and I didn't feel like the students or staffs had the creepy salesman vibe I usually got from the other programs/schools I researched.

    Well, don't take my word for it. Take a look

    I can't believe am gonna be starting on Monday 6/6/11 I am so excited Wish me luck guys. And once again thank you all for always sensible, life saving, and at times, funny tips/advice. Could not have done it without you.
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    Congrats! Enjoy the classes (wow, about 3x more $ than my CNA+BLS class in MI, but includes more training than just CNA...nice! Good thing you have a grant!)!
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    Thanks msmo. Did you find work after the training? Did they offer job placement assistance? I am sure that a similar grant should be available in your state for healthcare workers to get further training to advance their careers. Wish u where her in NYC
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    Let us know how it goes. Im also currently looking for a program in new york city. Job placement would be great. Good luck. Hope you do well.
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    I curently go to new age also and i started classes on the 4th and i love it. How is your classes going so far and will you be doing both cna / pct