Parish nursing program for diploma grad?

  1. 0 I'm a diploma grad with alot of college courses under my belt, interested in parish nursing but unsure how to proceed. I've primarily found masters programs. Are there BS or BA programs as well? If so, any in NC? Or with online courses available?

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    i'm a diploma grad with alot of college courses under my belt, interested in parish nursing but unsure how to proceed. i've primarily found masters programs. are there bs or ba programs as well? if so, any in nc? or with online courses available?

    hi roth0003
    glad to hear you are interested in parish nursing. i don't know what kind of nursing experience you have, but it is recommended that you have at least 3 -5 years of experience. as far as trying to find a parish nurse training program....... you might check with the larger hospitals in your area to see if they offer a parish nurse prep. program. you might also check with some of the larger churches in the area to see if they have a parish nurse. there is an onlline program offered by the university of southern indiana.
    "this is a 35 hour interactive internet program that will support continued growth in the knowledge, attitudes and skills central to the parish nurse role. participants will learn from experienced parish nurses, nursing faculty, and other content experts about the various functions of the parish nurse. the curriculum of this program is the standardized core curricula developed through the international parish nurse resource center, in consultation with the national league for nursing (nln) and the american nurses association (ana) credentialing center."

    of course even after you take the training you will need to find a church that wants a parish nurse. i was fortunate that one of the hospitals in my town has a parish nurse program and also that my church wanted to have a parish nurse.

    here are some links which might answer some of your questions.

    i have been a parish nurse for many years and would be glad to answer any further questions you have either here or you may pm me.

    good luck in your efforts.


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