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  1. I have so much respect for all nurses; LPN's and RN's but there is something very special about Parish/Community Outreach Nursing. This is my dream. I am a nursing student and while right now, I'm just doing the basics, I am so excited for the future! I do alot of volunteer work with area homeless shelters and I have been doing so for a few years now (I'm 24).. When I decided to become a nurse, I didn't study salaries or anything. That is how I knew I was making a wise choice. It came from the heart.

    I watched a news program on late night TV a few weeks ago, and the show was following around a Community Outreach RN that was giving basic medical care to street homeless indiviuals. It really touched my heart and even she said, "this is not about money". I feel like this is where God is putting me. I already do so much work with homeless shelters, I feel I could do so much more with my education.

    Thanks to those of you who have posted about your experiences in this field. nurse:

    PS- Any advice is greatly appreciated as well!
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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    Hello Gemini and welcome to the Parish Nursing Forum!

    It is good to hear of your interest in Parish Nursing. I will be happy to answer any specific questions you have....... Feel free to post them here.
  4. by   Gemini84
    Thank you so much for the welcome!

    I guess my first question would be; what is your favorite thing about being a Parish nurse and do you (or know of any other nurses) that might volunteer/work at homeless shelters? If so, what kind of duties do you perform for them?

    Thanks for being so friendly!
  5. by   tnbutterfly
    I really enjoy the relationships that I am able to form with my clients/patients through my role as Parish Nurse. I have known most of the people I work with for years, since I am a member of the church where I serve. I work with all ages and have been with folks through many stages of their lives..... both happy and sad stages...birth and death and everything in between. My relationship with them does not end once the crisis is over...... I get to see them during "normal" times as well. They share their lives with me. It is due to the trust and love that I share with my clients that I feel such joy when I am able to help them.....to make a real difference in their lives.... My job allows me to touch lives in the home, hospital, funeral home. The most gratifying rewards I receive are the sincere thank-yous I receive through hugs, tears, notes, and the piece of mind knowing that the little bit that I do does make a difference during troubled times.

    Although I did volunteer work with the Red Cross in New Orleans following Katrina, I personally have not volunteered at a homeless shelter. Maybe others will come along and offer their experiences with this.
  6. by   Gemini84
    Thank you for the reply!

    You really touched on something, that inspired me to be a nurse. When I first started school, I wanted to be a Social Worker. I got a job in Hospice care in 2005 and my life changed. I was raised by a grandparent who passed with cancer in 2001, and she had Hospice care. The people that I met inspired me in so many ways! The Hospice agency I worked for had meetings every Monday where the Social Workers would report on the clients and the RN manager would read thank you cards and notes from families. The two Social Workers thought it was so funny that everytime they would go out to ask about the "nursing" care of the clients, the families would always ask about me and say many good things. (I was a CNA)... As cliche' as it sounds, I honestly just treated the patients like I wanted my grandmother treated or myself. I would bring the patients birthday cards or little gifts on their Birthdays, etc.

    I loved getting the thank you notes and hearing all the nice things the clients would say about me on supervisory visits.

    I remember one of the managing RN's called me into her office and asked me if I had ever considered nursing before. (I was 21 at the time)..She told me that the field really needed people "like me" in it that truly cared for the patients.

    You reminded me of that! Thank you again and please know that you have inspired me a little more to keep on in nursing school.
  7. by   Lstcats
    I really enjoyed reading your comments. I have often thought of starting a Parish Nursing in my church. I recently left that church and now at a smaller church of about 800. If you feel God is leading you to do parish nursing than you can't argue w/ Him right? I have down work here in Boston w/ the homeless. Mostly evangelical presenting the gospel to them. Giving food, clothing, and gifts at Christmas time. Once someone had a problem w/ his foot so we helped him. Another was intoxicated so we got help from the local shelter. I have tried to get a job w/ healthcare for the homeless in Boston but never hear back. I think it is wonderful that you know what you want to do. God bless you in your search.
  8. by   Moogie
    Gemini, thanks for your enthusiasm! I guess I was a bit burned out as a parish nurse but seeing the practice through new eyes has made me feel optimistic and kinda psyched again. Thank you!
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