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NP in Pain Management Specialty: Any NPs in pain?

  1. 0 Hi, everyone! I'm new here.

    I'm just wondering if NPs can specialize in pain management? If so, is there some kind of certification or credential?

    What generally is an NPs scope of practice in pain management? Do they do a lot of med management?

    What kinds of settings can they work in? Can they work in both inpatient (surgical, oncology, etc) or just outpatient chronic pain clinics?

    What kind of NP would be appropriate for this position: FNP, ACNP, ANP, etc?

    What kind of pay can an NP expect in pain management for both inpatient and outpatient?

    If anybody can answer these questions or if anybody here is an NP in PM, it would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you!
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    Also, what is the job outlook for NPs in pain management? Are they needed in this area? Are there jobs out there?
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    I would be curious to know this might try posting on the NP board instead of here.
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    I worked at a Brain and Spine Institute for 2 years in their pain clinic. We had two NPs that saw patients on an outpatient basis. They really seemed to enjoy it and I have considered this specialty as well. One nurse had a background in ICU and the other had a background in LTC. They were both standard FNPs. They may have been board certified in PM but I'm not 100% sure. Basically they saw any patient except the new patients. They would do trigger point injections and occipital nerve blocks. They also ordered epidurals for the physicians to do at our ambulatory center. They also followed up on treatments, ordered MRIs, and referred to neurosurgery if needed. They did follow up and regulate chronic pain medications, but they never changed or refilled the narcotics without the doc signing the script. They managed a lot of non-narcotic meds like Lyrica, gabapentin, muscle relaxers, etc. Over all it was a pretty relaxed atmosphere.