ASU Nursing Survey Concerning Back Pain

  1. dear nursing community, my team and i are biomedical engineers are arizona state university. we are conducting a research study to see if there is a link between nursing and back pain. to answer this question we created a quick online survey which can be accessed at:

    for us to receive the most accurate information please don't conduct the survey if you are not a nurse. below is further information about the survey. thanks again for all your responses.

    - asu bioengineering students

    [color=#333333]dear participant,
    [color=#333333]we, as engineering students from the ira a. fulton school of
    [color=#333333]engineering at asu, are asking for your help with our senior design
    [color=#333333]project. our involvement in the medical field has brought to our
    [color=#333333]attention that many medical personnel suffer from back pain due to
    [color=#333333]their lifting of patients. our project goal as medical engineers is
    [color=#333333]to design and build a device to assist with the lifting of patients.
    [color=#333333]however, we must prove that this device is demanded by medical
    [color=#333333]personnel in order to receive funding. if you could take a minute and
    [color=#333333]complete this survey that would be greatly appreciated.
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    If this could be stickied we would appreciate it. Thanks.
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    does anyone have any comments/suggestions about our study? any feedback would be great.
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    stuck for 1 month. Karen
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    Thank You.
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    Didn't look at your survey, but just wanted to comment that I learned in Nursing Research that internet surveys are not considered high quality data. It's basically a "convenience" type of data that is not all that credible in terms of valid research.
  8. by   ASUstudent
    your absolutely right ac, we are also conducting this survey in local hospitals for more accurate results.
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    re: survey--I seldom move patients from one bed to another, usually it's out of bed to a bedside commode or chair, take a walk, then return to bed. In ICU, portable chest xrays are done frequently, requiring the (sedated) pts head and trunk to be lifted up into a sort of sitting position while the film is placed and removed from under the pt. At the most, 3 people can help with this, there's not enough room to get more in there. Hiking the pts up in bed is also done very frequently--they slide down in the bed, have feet hanging off the side, can't breath cause the bend in the bed is at their neck instead of their waist--it's repititious and twisting. We have a "floater mat" that we can use that sounds nice, but we have 1 per floor. Turn the pt right then left to get it under them, take a second to pull them up, then turn L and R again to get them off, and the pt is scrunched down in the bed where he started! Good Luck