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Post op Pedicatric transports without an RN

  1. 0 Can anyone tell me if there are places where a tranport team transports pediatric patients post op without an RN? I am talking floor level of care or same day surgery patients from PACU to their respective areas for further care or discharge. Do you have an age cut off? For example.. an RN goes if they are younger than 5 or something?
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    In our facility, an RN goes with all patients out of PACU - whether they are going to same day surgery or med surge floor. The RN goes to give report and monitor that there are no changes in the patient condition.

    If PACU is too busy, and cannot bring the patient to a floor, an RN must come from the floor to pick up the patient.

    If it is an ICU patient, 2 RN's must transport (recent change in policy due to an arrest in the elevator, thank God, I wasn't even there THAT day).

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    In our hospital all pediatric patients are transferred from the OR by an RN and the anaesthetist, whether to the floor or the PICU.
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    we have cna's who transport all patients if they are not on a monitor, do not have an epidural or a chest tube...of course the nurse transport the icu patients
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    Here in Az, all peds patients are transported with at least one RN.