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i have been working in the pacu of a surgery center for a few months now, feel like i've caught on pretty good and am confident in my work. however, recently had one pt who was a lap chole and had pain level of 0, but still gave... Read More

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    Pain is subjective, so if the patient isn't reacting as you might, that is irrelevant. We show pain in different ways.
    When I have severe pain, I read or listen to classical music. I also meditate. It doesn't eliminate it but it will sometimes
    lower it from an 8 or 8.5 to a 5, which I can cope with... but only if some moron doesn't keep asking me questions or touching me to see whether or not I respond.

    Don't assume!

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    Pain is subjective so as long as the patient can maintain their O2 sats I'll keep giving meds. I tell them I'll keep working on their pain as long as they keep breathing. That way, when/if they desat I can remind them that breathing is number one and that's why I'm not giving them another dose at this time.

    Also, if the pain seems unreasonably high consider other causes. We had one lap chole pt whose pain did not respond to meds. Anesthesia okay'd discharge to med/surg. The patient later became hypotensive and went back to the OR to correct a bleed.
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    One of our favorite drugs for lap choles is Toradol. Docs love it because it works and we love it because it works. Lots of times, the pt gets it in the OR, but this is a first line choice for any of the belly surgeries.

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