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  1. 1 I am doing a research project for my hospital I currently work in . What is the current amount of pay in PACU with what amount of experience? Thank you
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    Midwest speaking. New w/o experience $22.00/hr. Those with years of experience and have stayed in the PACU $36.00 or more.
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    Slightly above the minimum stated by BarbRN62. Starting my 2nd year of PACU, but previously worked Med-Surg as well as Hospice.
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    The same as anywhere else in the hospital.
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    In the Midwest as not the best at my facility. I have 14 years exp and get paid $28.....
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    I have 30 years experience, live on the west coast and earn almost $50.00/hr........ I think there's quite a range! Ten years ER experience prior.
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    Uniform throughout the hospital. 50 cents more per hour with certification in your area. Union hospital 30+ years experience $43hr. East Coast pay, is usually higher than down South or Midwest in the USA. 10or 15% shift differentials for off shifts, evenings and nights. On call pay is 1 1/2 times hourly rate guaranteed four hours of pay even if you are only there one hour.

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