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  1. 0 Hi. In a few weeks, I will be a senior BSN student and graduating in a year. I have taken an interest in the PACU. Is it unheard of for a new grad to start in PACU?

    Also, after reading your threads, I was wondering why PACU is not considered a critical care specialty? I have been told that is not a critical care area; however, it sure sounds like you guys are doing critical care.

    Thank you for your time and attention.

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    hi. i am a new grad in the PACU! i did an externship and was offered the position. i dont think its typical for new grads to start in pacu however.

    as far as not being critical care.... i have no idea. but i think its because in fairytale land, critical unstable patients go directly to the units. so the assumption, i think is that your typical stable surgical patient comes to the pacu (ie, appendectomy) but in real life, all kinds of critical patients come to the pacu, where i work we even board unit patients.

    best of luck to you
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    I will be graduating (BSN) in five weeks (), and I already have been offered one job in PACU and expect another PACU offer next week. That said, I did pursue a PACU internship during my senior year, which I think bolstered my credentials substantially.

    So, yes, it can be done! Good luck!

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