PACU and interventional radiology

  1. Our IR nurse recently resigned and due to budget cuts PACU nurses are pulled to do procedures in xray and also to do pre procedure phone calls to outpatients. Isn't IR a separate specialty? None of us feel comfortable going over to xray "blind" to assist with procedures. We couldn't even find a policy or procedure manual for the department.
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  3. by   brownbook
    I don't know much about IR nursing. No one should go "blind" into any situation.

    I would ask for a meeting with your charge nurse or supervisor. Say you are all willing to learn how to do IR nursing and are willing to float, but for your patients safety and to be sure you are following hospital policy and community standards,you would like some policy and procedures to be established and an in-service.

    Also ask about establishing some kind of rotation float list so everyone is trained and takes their turn at floating.
  4. by   jabwrn
    Thanks for the reply. Already tried a mtg with supervisor. Basically she knows nothing about IR also but ended with "we are doing it and that's that". We have no hospital policy but I will research standards and learn what I can.
  5. by   brownbook
    I wasn't much help, but your supervisor sounds like a twit! I am sure it isn't that hard or difficult but still you, your supervisor, your hospital, needs some policies, procedures, and protocols!

    I have been in several situations where no patient was harmed, or close to being harmed, but a new person comes into our department and says........"oh by the way did you know the standard of care is you should (or should not) be doing........(fill in the blank)."