Lingering effects of versed for peds? - page 2

I work out patient surgery so were talking minor surgical procedures on basically healthy pediatric patients. For the sake of argument we will be magical nurses and KNOW the child is not in pain... Read More

  1. by   RN-LOGIC
    Quote from lady constance
    some times i take a bit of heat for quickly sedating patients waking up wild.. they seem to wake up mid dream, mid reccollection of some wretched memory and need to go back to sleep and wake up in a happier memory....but it has not ever failed me in 18 years.....and is a tecnique used often...
    I do the same thing. I quickly sedate them with a small amount of fentanyl once they are waking up. They go back to sleep and when the wake up its a world of a difference.
  2. by   pacurn60
    Interesting thread. As with adults kids act differently. We had 2- 4year old kids have Tymp and tubes both had same anesthesiologist and given same agents. 1 woke up and went home in an hour the other we had for 4 hours because he was wild and inconsolable by parents staff. In adults when we have a "wild" wake up our anesthesia routinely give them versed to go back to sleep and they usually wake up totally fine the 2nd time. We however didn't do that with the children in the same situation. Would be a good study.