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ACLS and PALS classes

  1. 0 I am new to the PACU I have been a nurse for one year med-surg at the hospital and realized I HATED it. I recently got a job at an outpatient surgery center and would like to know where do you all get your PALS, ACLS certifications from?? Do you take the classes at a local hospital or where? I have ACLS that expires this year and need to renew, looking for classes and then I will ask if my work will cover some of the expense. Thanks!
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    I worked at an ambulatory surgery center, we went to a local hospital for ACLS/PALS paid for by the center. CPR was done as a group at the center. Since it is a requirement for employment, certification and recerts were at employers expense.
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    I moved, and just last night put ACLS classes and the name of the city in google and found schools near my address. Very easy.
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    Not sure where you live in TX but I just completed ACLS on Saturday and this was the best ACLS class I have ever attended! Being new to this forum, I am not sure what info I can give here but feel free to DM me and I will share!
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    Our hospital has instructors for both ACLS and PALS, with 4 sessions of each throughout the year. So, there is no excuse for our cards to expire.