Pregnant New Grad Starting Ortho--Advice?

  1. Hey all,

    I'm excited to start my first RN job but wanted to get feedback from other Ortho RNs--or any health care workers on how to manage the floor and patients while being pregnant.
    I didn't choose this specialty--but as a new grad who's been out of work since May, any job is a great job to start! I just discovered the Ortho specialty page and I'm concerned about all of the lifting that will be involved.

    I'm not certain what my patient ratio will be, how many CNAs will be available, but I want to be able to pull my own weight on the floor without hurting myself or my patients. During my last semester, I worked Ortho/Post op in Peds and moving the majority of the patients wasn't an issue. I loved the unit floor but I also wasn't top heavy at that time. I'm currently 20 weeks pregnant and experiencing an uneventful pregnancy (no complications--still working out 4 times a week). I'd appreciate any advice from those of you who have experienced working Ortho while pregnant and how to maintain your own safety.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   olivia28
    Hi nulife,

    First Congrats on your pregnancy! As an ortho nurse who was pregnant this year, you need to use the staff around you. Do not be shy to say you need help lifting a foot or finger of a patient, because there is a LOT of lifting in ortho. You will still be able to learn and perform all of your other nursing duties and responsibilities. If staff give you a hard time because you are pregnant, do not let them make you feel bad, your health and pregnancy comes first. Being pregnant and working as an RN is not easy, but hopefully you will feel much better than I did. Maybe because I was not a new nurse, I was still working too hard! Thank goodness I had supportive staff who would tell me not to lift a finger. Good luck and you will be fine!

  4. by   nulife4good
    Thanks Olivia! I'm hoping that the staff won't give me a hard time--I'm more of the Type A always moving person and I hate to be seen as a burden. Thanks again for your suggestions.
  5. by   RainMom
    I'm a new grad as well & it seems that Ortho is an area of fertility!! On my floor there are 3 RNs getting ready to go on maternity leave next month & one RN that I haven't met yet because she hasn't come back from leave. So, the fact that you're pregnant shouldn't be too much of a hindrance; just respect your limits. Definitely ask for help! We all team up with the CPMs & difficult mobility patients as much as possible. Good luck!
  6. by   Sewbusy~RN
    I worked through my entire last pregnancy on an ortho unit and it worked out fine. Some shifts were better than others. You have to be willing to ask for help and realize that some people will resent you for it but you have to accept that it's their issue, not yours. Just do everything you can but ask for what you need and most people will be telling you to slow down and jumping in to help before you even ask. It may be a little harder going in to a new job pregnant though, since you won't know people so you won't know who ask that will be nice about it. Im sure youll figure it out pretty fast though. Good luck, and congrats!
  7. by   mrstRN
    wow Thanks for the wonderful info ladies! I am a new grad and this area is my first Job and I often wondered how I would handle this situation if I became pregnant. I will definitley ask for help!!