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hope i spelled that right! Help!think i have that..extreme pain when i try to walk in the morning and after sitting..sometimes abates during the day but not always...have tried some inserts into... Read More

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    My hubby has it, I sent him to doc, who sent him to podiatrist. He gets his custom inserts next week, they gave him some anti-inflammatory and made him a temp support. He said it made a big difference, so he thinks the customs will help too. He stands on concrete all day and wears steel toe work boots, I guess this is pretty common.

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    Found a good book recently, Those Aching Feet..., by Christine Dobrowski, DPM. Everything that could possibly go wrong w/your feet, and what to do about it. Easy read, too.
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    I have been training for a few 1/2 marathons and my long runs have been around 8-10 miles the last few weeks. In the last week I noticed my calves getting really tight under the poppliteal fossa. I thought it was weird but did not think much of it cause the tightness was so high up.

    Also a month or so ago, I stopped wearing my custom orthotic at was using a gel insert from the store cause the whole bottom of my feet would be sore after a shift.

    I guess all the above has lead to another flair up of PF...I had really tight calves (along the whole calf) the last few days and woke up today with a bit of the heal pain

    I guess I will be using my orthotics as much as possible from now on. I hope that will curtail it. I don't want to miss my 1/2 marathon next month!

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