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I work on a busy ortho floor and start off with 6 patients, usually discharge a couple and get 1-2 post-op's in a 12 hour shift; along with giving at least one person blood, dealing with post-op issues (pain, nausea, etc.), and... Read More

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    We can have as many as 7-8 on day shift..... Night shift has had as many as 12 a piece.... Which is WAY too much... I think this is what stresses me out so bad.... I'm so physically tired.... I had 3 admits the other day, which fresh surgeries take ALOT of time... Especially when you have to watch their breathing extra b/c the OR gave them 5-8ccs of Fentanyl...

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    Wow! I seriously shouldn't complain. When I first started as an RN, I worked on an Ortho/Trauma floor and had a 1:8 ratio which was HEAVY. Then in January of 2004, California mandated a 1:6 ratio. The hospital I work at now (still in Ortho but mixed w/ General Surgery) sticks to giving us 1:5 on all shifts except of course if someone calls in sick or if we're just really short staffed. But only once or twice have I had 6 patients at this hospital since the ratio went into effect. We do primary nursing w/ a 1:5 ratio and a "Unit Assistant" who takes vitals and helps out within the unit. One of our travelers was saying that she interviewed w/ a hospital in NY and their ortho floor had a 1:9 ratio. Yikes. Gosh...I'm not sure what part of the country everyone is from but I guess I should consider myself lucky to be maxed out at 5 patients.
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    I've been on ortho for 4 years now when we started we were at a 1:6 ratio then we were able to talk our way into a 1:4/1:5 ratio. The hospital I work at just changed all of our staffing models and now we have to go back to a 1:6/1:7 ratio. Talk about taking a step back!!!

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