nursing process - assesment of post-op patient with trimollar fracture of melliolus

  1. Hi, i am a student nurse after some advice. I am writting an assignment on a patient with a trimollar fracture of melliolus. I was hoping that someone will be able to tell me the step by step guide to the inital assessment of the patient post op being transfered to the ward from recovery. I then inturn have to give the rational for doing this assessment, followed by focusing on pain and mobility of the patient using a problem solving approach including emotional and physical aspects of care. I am greatful for any response or guidance on this. Thankyou
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  3. by   P_RN
    What year are you in? First you need to do some spell checking so you can look up the structures that are affected. If your anatomy book has illustrations look to see what else is around the bones (nerves, tendons, ligaments, vessels) and what would happen if the bones shifted. If your book has insufficient illustrations on the web you can access Grays Anatomy (not the tv show) but a magnificent work with every part of the body illustrated.

    FIrst assessment is always vital signs-frequently. Why? There is usually a change when a person is in pain...and other symptoms.

    If circulation is being compromised where would you check to see that it was? Look that up also. hint pulses.

    If nerves are compromised where would you check to see that? Look that up.
    hint sensation distal to the fracture following nerve pathways.

    Are they in a cast? An external fixator? A posterior splint with a lot of soft batting to allow for swelling the first days?

    Check your orders for weight bearing. How much? Check for elevation-does the doctor want it? How much.

    I'm not picking on you, but you don't have enough information right now to start on a plan. Research deeply. And let us know what you came up with. I have confidence you will do well.

  4. by   mrstRN
    Hi I am a new Grad and I am considering taking a position in this area...I'm a little nervous, so can you give me more information about what I should expect and review for this area of nursing. I have really enjoyed your information to the student. Any addtional information would be greatly appreciated especially since I have an interview schedule soon.