Neurovascular observations and complications

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    I am not an orthapedic nurse but I am curious about Orthapedics and complications that arise. I could possibly be working in the future of nursing where I will see postop patients that have had injured limbs and just like to learn more. So I am hoping someone can assist me with my query re: Neurovascular observations and complications that can occur with a skeletal injured limb?

    What is done if skin color is dusky purple? Skin temperature is decreased due to reduced perfusion? Minimal voluntary movement of limb and decreased sensation.

    Is there any intervention that can be done prior to contacting doctor to report about the complications?

    I look forward to your reply and many thanks for your help
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    Quote from GradrnKylie
    Is there any intervention that can be done prior to contacting doctor to report about the complications?
    There could be a variety of reasons this happens, and there are really few interventions. It really depends on the situation. Here's what I'd do:

    A) Notify a physician immediately. I'd notify the physician before doing anything else.

    B)Place the limb at the level of the heart (never above it, or below it). Help balance the pressures a teeny tiny bit. If the HOB is up, put it down to get the heart where it needs to be.

    C)Make the patient NPO immediately (just in case the problem may require surgical intervention...).

    D)If the patient is in a cast get the equipment together to cut the cast off.

    E)If they're in a splint then get your bandage scissors ready to cut the ace wraps off and put new ones on.

    Document everything!
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    Thank you so much November 551, I appreciate your help, thanks for the great info

    Now you have put my mind at ease

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