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  1. 0 Ok, I feel totally stupid. About a week and half ago (yes, I should have known better ) I was standing on a bar stool to get a vent open. In the process of getting down, guess what...I fell. Bruised the left knee, hurt the left shoulder and elbow from the fall, the stool coming down on it and the TV falling over on it. Didn't have it checked out, marked it down to my stupidity. Well, later that week I proceeded to fall 2 more times and land on the same side. Now all most 2 weeks later my elbow is still swollen as is my collar bone. My shoulder and upper arm are sore and it hurts to use them, but I do have full ROM. The smallest thing, such as reaching for the car door to close it once you are in causes pain. I'm wondering at this late date (2 weeks later) if I should go have it looked at or just give it more healing time? Thanks for the opinions. And no I'm not a drinker or on drugs...the first fall was due to my own stupidity and laziness, just didn't want to go get the ladder and the other 2 were slips on ice.
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    Y'know we can't give medical advice, but as a friend, I'd say call and make an appointment with your doc. Sometimes fractures don't show up initially. The clavicle is usually just splinted with a sling or immobilizer, but the knee and shoulder need looking at.

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