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Hi everyone, i would like to send my message out in hopes of getting some recommendations on great places to live and work in Oregon. I have never been and thought i would start with this discussion board to research good... Read More

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    Quote from LunahRN
    Are there tattoo shops there? My husband is a tattoo artist, so we'd have to find employment for him as well. Thanks for the link!
    I don't know Corvalis well enough to comment on the state of the tattoo shops, but considering that it seems you can't live in Oregon w/o being inked or pierced, and that it has a large student population, I imagine so.

    But just do a web search! I put in "Tattoo shops, Corvallis Oregon and got these:

    Holey Cow Body Piercing 2305 NW Monroe Ave
    Corvallis, Oregon 97330-5324
    Phone: (541) 753-4041

    http://www.tattoo-spot.com/graphics/tattoo_arrow.gif Sacred Art Tattoo 1425 NW Monroe Ave # C
    Corvallis, Oregon 97330-5837
    Phone: (541) 752-7463
    Plus a list for all the tattoo shops in Oregon


    He may want to be sure he's up on local regs though -- I know we have some of the strictest laws for massage therapists, wouldn't be surprise if that was the case for tattoo artists too.
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    Thanks!! Yeah, I've checked out the regulations -- they're very similar to Virginia's tattoo regs. The only difference (which my husband actually thought was great!) was that Oregon tattoo artists are required to get about 20 hours of continuing ed every two years. They are pretty strict in both states, though -- which is a good thing!
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    I have to say I love Portland. It is big, but it really has a small town feel. Any of the cities in the Willamette Valley are close to forest and mountains. Eugene is also very laid back nice area.
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    Hi everyone,
    My family and I are getting ready to move to the bend Oregon area within the next 8 months. Can anyone tell me how the job situation is for an LPN in LTC. How hard or easy is it to find a job in Bend. And does anyone know what the facilities are like, patient work load etc.....:typing
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    I can speak to Sacred Art Tattoo in Corvallis - it is over by the University. My daughter had her ears pierced there, and my sister got her first tattoo ever there. They were very supportive of the “first timers” - great crew, great follow up. Very positive experience – though I couldn't say how it was to work with them.

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