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OK, so as far as I understand, all Providence hospitals and OHSU have a hiring freeze on. What hospitals/hospital systems ARE hiring in NW Oregon, especially for new grads? Are there any job fairs coming up? Are most new... Read More

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    Just a heads up for anyone who applied or was thinking of applying for the new RN grad spots at Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital.

    I just received an email from them notifying me that the position has been canceled at this time.

    Apparently the poor economy hit them too.

    Please keep us posted if you've heard of other new grad positions opening up around the Portland area!

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    Shoot shoot shoot! I was interested in that hospital. Thanks for letting us know.
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    samaritan corvallis is still dedicated to the new nursing orientation. we should have about 10 spots here in our summer critical care internship (cci) program - which covers both icu and progressive care - step-down & tele.

    the positions should be posted soon, by mid february usually. here's the link:

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    thanks for that information! FYI the OSNA convention is on the 21st of Feb (saturday) at Mt. Hood Community College.

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