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    I've been struggling to find information from anyone who has attended the Walla Walla University nursing program in Portland. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!Class sizes, program quality, ect. I'm also curious about clinical placements, specifically are clinicals held at a variety of areas hospitals, or only Adventist Health?


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  3. by   Nursemom64
    I am an alumni of WWUSON and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about them. It was my first choice in nursing schools and I do not regret my decision in the least. The faculty is wonderful, very professional and always willing to help. Clinicals were at Adventist but they were at many other facilities also. The program is one of the best ranked SON and you can expect to receive a quality education if you attend. I know I sound biased...I am. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.
  4. by   hellonewyear
    Hello there! Thank you for your reply! I've started the application process and am crossing my fingers I am accepted. you mention you had clinicals at Adventist but other facilities as well. Did you feel you had a well-round clinical experience, for your senior practicum did you have a choice of your area/unit of interest?
  5. by   Nursemom64
    Yes, I feel I had a well rounded clinical experience, however the time goes so fast, once you're finished I don't think you ever feel like it was "enough." I think you get exposed to a lot of things, but don't expect you will be an expert at any upon graduation. It'll give you a good feel for a lot of different aspects of nursing and might give you some ideas where you would like to focus after graduation. As far as I know the senior practicum was open to whatever area you are interested in, I know I got to do what I wanted. WWUSON just has a quality program, good luck to you!
  6. by   hellonewyear
    I can't tell you how much I appreicate your insight. I had my admission test last night, and everyone there was very welcoming and informative. It really solidfied my decision to attend. Now the waiting game!
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    I have also been struggling to find information about Walla Walla! I was wondering how the nursing program/classes are. For example I read at the Walla Walla University page
    "Students who receive a grade lower than a C or withdraw because they are failing in a required nursing course cannot enroll in further nursing courses until approved to register by the School of Nursing Dean. A written request for approval to register and a written plan for improvement must be submitted. Approval to register is granted or denied on a case-by-case basis by the nursing faculty. If a request is denied, the student is dismissed from the nursing program."

    This really scared me because from what I understand is if you fail 1 class you can be dismissed . The current SDA nursing program that I attend allows 2 withdrawals and 1 fail before you are dismissed.

    I am looking into Walla Walla to have a fresh start! I began a nursing program at another SDA school but did not do so well because I lost an immediate family member. So any info about Walla Walla requirements will be much appreciated!
  8. by   al3x117
    Got Accepted to Walla Walla University Nursing Program!! Super Stoked!
  9. by   vohjen
    Hello al3x117,
    May I ask what was your GPA and your science grades when you applied to Walla Walla University?
  10. by   al3x117
    Quote from vohjen
    Hello al3x117,
    May I ask what was your GPA and your science grades when you applied to Walla Walla University?
    My GPA was a 3.0

    I did good in my science classes. I had a B+ in A&P an A in chemistry, and an A in sociology, C+ in psych, etc. I am a general A & B student with the occasional C once in a while. To be honest if you apply you will do great. The requirement I believe to get in the nursing program is a 2.5 at the minimum on the main campus in college place, WA. However if you are doing the summer program on the Portland campus where everyone transfers in during the summer you will need a 3.6 or higher. I am a junior in the program right now going through psych rotation and pathophysiology. It's a great campus and I love the program! It's a very good campus and it's a tight knit program. We have 130 nursing students on the Portland campus.
  11. by   al3x117
    It's a great nursing program with great instructors! I really enjoy it!
  12. by   al3x117
    Correction the minimum gpa on the college place campus is a 2.75
  13. by   Nurseinthemaking0
    How long did it take for you to get the acceptance email or letter? Currently waiting for my decision.