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    I live in California and am in my last semester of completing the prerequisites for most nursing programs. However, when it comes to applying to actual programs, things become difficult and most programs have waiting lists that can go on for three years, regardless of grades. Are you experiencing the same things in Oregon? My husband and I would be willing to move if it meant completing my education in a better time frame. Any feedback that you have as to the climate of programs and education in Oregon would be much appreciated!

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  3. by   NurseToBe3
    Oregon doesn't have waitlists. Admission to our nursing programs is based mostly on grades. They also look at things like CNA experience and some have you write essays. Most of the deadlines are Feb 15th, so you could apply this year if you did it today. Do you have pretty good grades? Most of them around here take at least a 3.6+ to get in. Good luck!
  4. by   Humulus
    Oregon does indeed have waitlists and the 3.6 GPA is pretty low. Maybe you could get in with a 3.6 and a prior bachelors degree. Good Luck!!!
  5. by   NurseToBe3
    What schools in Oregon have a wait list? Once you complete the application and interviews (at most schools) they accept a certain amount and put the rest on wait lists. I think what Meghan is refering to is being put on a waitlist and waiting your turn to get in (regardless of grades). We don't have those types of waitlists. And depending on the school and her other qualifications, she may do fine with a 3.6. I know someone who got into Linfield with a 3.4 because they look at more than just grades. I personally got into Mt. Hood with a 3.65 and there are other people in my program with a slightly lower GPA because they also consider more than GPA.
  6. by   Humulus
    I guess I misunderstood what was meant by waitlists. I mean no offense to your friend, but I feel like a 3.4 is very-very low to get accepted into a nursing program. I assume that your friend had a prior bachelors and experience working in a health care setting? Also, maybe she ha an amazing essay/interview? I know a girl that had 3.8 and worked as a CNA for (As far as I know) a couple years and didn't get accepted into the programs she applied for. I also have a friend that had a 4.0, AA degree, (no CNA though) and was waitlisted and barely made it in two weeks before the program started.
  7. by   NurseToBe3
    I agree that a 3.4 seems low too, but Linfield looks more at life experience and essays than grades. OCNE schools are all about the points. I have heard of people with high GPA's that didn't get in, but if you can get the extra points (like for getting an A in your first A&P, having most of your pre-reqs done, etc.) you have a better chance of getting in with a lower GPA. The whole process is just tough! It's too bad we don't have a better system so more people can get into nursing school, but then I guess there wouldn't be jobs for everyone. Are you a nurse or are you in school?
  8. by   nwnursing
    Any more you need all of the above for the community colleges. It's very competitive.
  9. by   Humulus
    OREGON Nursing condition critical. - Free Online Library

    This article was written 4 years ago, it's more competitive now. So work hard. Many of the community colleges let you retake a class for a better grade.