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Salem Hospital just opened their Summer Internship, but it will only be open to apply from April 18-22. Here is the link: Job Title:RN Internship Summer 2011Site:Salem HospitalStatus:Full-TimeShift:VariousOvertime... Read More

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    Hi, I'm actually a new grad. They called me 5 days after my interview and I won't go into detail what was said but I was offered 2 positions. I been keeping in contact with them as I did some pre-employment paperwork and they said that they will let everyone know from June 20th-27th, I wish you all goodluck and hope to meet you guys. Take care and hang in there! Goodluck!
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    I didn't apply for this internship, but I had posted that I was interviewing for the medical/ace unit -- I did not get an offer, but the interview went well from what I can tell and what I was told! I just got an email today for an invitation to interview for the OR internship there...anyone else apply for that one as well?
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    Oh one more thing, for those of you that interviewed for this summer internship, did many of you have letters of rec? I've been a nurse for almost 5 years now and I have ZERO letters (never been asked for or needed) and I don't know if I will have time to get a a couple before the interview. Thanks for any help
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    I was just offered a position in the ICU.
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    Quote from tsv1567
    Hi, I got a job offer on the Cardiovascular ICU. So thankful and excited! Good luck guys. Wish you all the best!
    Woot!!! Way to go! HUGE Congratulations!
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    Quote from Idaho Murse
    I was just offered a position in the ICU.
    Congrats!!! So glad you got it!! It keeps hope alive for the rest of us, a belief that there just might be something out there! Congrats again!!