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    My husband and I currently live in Southern California. His job is wanting to transfer him to Medford, OR but we have been waiting to accept because I have been trying to get into an RN program down here. It's so crowded and so impacted, that I have been denied 3 times now. I was wondering if anyone could offer me any info about the program at RCC? How long is the wait to get in? Is it a good program? Is there a better alternative in a neighboring city?

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  3. by   Loloberry
    I would say it is just as hard to get into RCC as it would be in So Cal (born and raised down there and considered nursing school there too). There are only two programs in Southern Oregon, RCC and OHSU in Ashland. Neither school utilizes a waitlist and if you don't get in you just have to try again the next year. It is based on a points system and you may get an extra point for applying the previous year. I didn't get in this year (although I am an alternate) and my only guess is because I got B's in my writing classes. You could try for OHSU Klamath Falls or Umpqua Community college, but either is an hour and a half drive one way. I am moving out of state to go to nursing school because Oregon is too competitive. I'm sorry if my response was discouraging, but I wanted to be truthful with you since you would be uprooting your life. If you have any other questions let me know!
  4. by   Loloberry
    I did want to add that it is a very good program though, and you have guaranteed acceptance into the OHSU BSN program which is ranked #7 nationally I believe!
  5. by   darling2014
    Hi Hawaiidreamin7, you can go to their web site which explains a lot, but it does all depend on the point system like Loloberry said. They say you don't need all A's, but it sure doesn't hurt. They give you 5 points for an A in Anatomy I, for example. A really large portion of the points is from your GPA, but only the prerequisite nursing classes GPA. Anyway, I got in the first time I applied, so don't be discouraged!