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Hi, Has anyone who is a PCC alternate heard yet? Does anyone know when we might start hearing? On the edge of my seat (still!)... Read More

  1. by   JDNurse2Be
    I'm most likely going to give up my seat at PCC too...and I have some mixed feelings
    I've decided to accept a seat in the OHSU Fall Cohort for their accelerated BSN...the first ever, they decided to have a smaller second cohort begin in September. Although I'm excited about finishing my BSN much sooner - I really have enjoyed going to PCC Sylvannia for all my prerequisites and will miss it....I love the library, the short commute, the professors....and the cost of the program.

    I wonder .... is it better to go at a slower pace over 3 years or finish in 1 year and 4 mos? With this job market? With the additional debt I will carry? It's not an easy choice to let my PCC seat go to someone else....I will be notifying them by the end of the week.

    BUT..knowing one of you might get it and will be thrilled makes it a bit easier
  2. by   jimithing112
    JD, interesting thoughts...I've thought the same thing myself. I'll be attending Clackamas for the 3 year program, even though I have a prior bachelor's degree. I don't think the accelerated format is the best match for me so I didn't apply to any accelerated programs, but I'm jealous that everyone in ABSN programs will be finished so much earlier than me!

    Although, the job market for nurses in OR is crap right now. I'm glad to have that 3 year cushion to be occupied and productive for myself, and hopefully the market will have improved by then. Plus I really can't believe what a deal tuition is. $75/credit or something like that at Clackamas.
  3. by   cjmama
    I got my spot offer last week and accepted - am official at PCC! Now the real work - finding money to go and childcare....
  4. by   jimithing112
    Congrats, cj!
  5. by   cjmama
    Yellowt - I don't know how to email you back on here (I don't see that option anywhere in messages - maybe I'm just bleary from taking care of a sick baby and toddler all night)
    To answer your question - I was number 1 on the wait list. I hope you hear soon! My excitement is tempered with worry, unfortunately. I don't even know if I can go honestly. If I don't get enough in loans to cover not just tuition, but child care, also - I can't. I am working every angle possible. It would be sad to work so hard, com this far, and not be able to actually go to school.
  6. by   kamaboko
    Some lucky person will get a call today or tomorrow as I've just notified PCC that I will not be attending its nursing program. Best of luck to everyone.

  7. by   jimithing112
    Where are you attending instead, Kama?
  8. by   kamaboko
    Quote from jimithing112
    Where are you attending instead, Kama?

    Pulling out altogether. I won't attend any program.
  9. by   jimithing112
    Oh wow! Well best of luck to you!
  10. by   kamaboko
    Quote from jimithing112
    Oh wow! Well best of luck to you!
    Sure thing. I hope you and everyone here enjoys the adventure.
  11. by   KellT1203

    If I were you I would have chosen OHSU too. I have heard A LOT of their graduates get hired at OHSU if you are interested in working there.

    I start their RN to BSN program in September. I am so excited. I graduated last year with my ADN, didn't think I would be headed back for my BSN so soon.

    Good luck to you, and to everyone else joining this great career.
  12. by   SVXPORT
    Wow, 1st year nursing school starts in about 4 weeks!