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Hi, Has anyone who is a PCC alternate heard yet? Does anyone know when we might start hearing? On the edge of my seat (still!)... Read More

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    Quote from jimithing112
    Where are you attending instead, Kama?

    Pulling out altogether. I won't attend any program.

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    Oh wow! Well best of luck to you!
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    Quote from jimithing112
    Oh wow! Well best of luck to you!
    Sure thing. I hope you and everyone here enjoys the adventure.
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    If I were you I would have chosen OHSU too. I have heard A LOT of their graduates get hired at OHSU if you are interested in working there.

    I start their RN to BSN program in September. I am so excited. I graduated last year with my ADN, didn't think I would be headed back for my BSN so soon.

    Good luck to you, and to everyone else joining this great career.
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    Wow, 1st year nursing school starts in about 4 weeks!


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