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Hi! I live in Portland, OR and want to apply for OHSU's accelerated bachelor's program for nursing, but there isn't a lot of information out there on it. I've browsed their website, but it doesn't answer all the questions I have.... Read More

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    I learned a lot about the JHU program at the panel, which is the first part of the accepted students day. So, don't worry about having too many questions prepared because there are many other people in the room to ask questions to the current students and faculty A few things I learned: class size is 50-70, in lab there 6-8 students; the most intense part of the program is the first summer (in class 9-5 everyday learning all the basic skills); there are some cool elective courses like alternative medicine, breastfeeding, and interdisciplinary curriculum with current medical students; they have a shuttle that runs along the main streets up from charles village to the hospital every 15 minutes; you get 112 hours in each clinical rotation (and double the hours with adult health); they have a career fair every Fall and will help you prepare your resume and practice for interviews. Hopefully, some of these things will help spark further questions at JHU or will give you some ideas for OHSU. And, I'm sure you will learn lots more at your panel discussion!

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    I'm waiting for a response from the ABSN program at OHSU too. I'm so glad I found this thread.

    I've been making myself crazy checking my mailbox waiting, waiting...Now I can make myself crazy by checking this thread everyday. :P
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    Me too
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    Has anyone contacted OHSU recently? Still April 15th for the ABSN???
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    Berkeleygirl - Thanks for sharing that information! That definitely gives me a better idea of how to break the different programs down. Are you leaning towards attending JHU?

    smallfry - I haven't contacted OHSU because someone in this post did a couple weeks ago. I'm guessing mid-April. It couldn't be much later because the program starts in June and they need to give us at least a couple months notice to decide on a program and prepare (I would hope).

    Good luck to everyone!!! :-)
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    i did email them yesterday and this' the reply i received this morning -verbatim:
    decision letters will be sent out the middle of this month.

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    Thank you for letting me know! I was hoping for earlier though
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    Me too! It's very difficult on my part because I am starting this other nursing school in three days. Planning to drop though, if OHSU accepts me >.<
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    rmfornursing-what program are you starting in 3 days?
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    pnlu007 -Associate degree in nursing ^^

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