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Hi! I live in Portland, OR and want to apply for OHSU's accelerated bachelor's program for nursing, but there isn't a lot of information out there on it. I've browsed their website, but it doesn't answer all the questions I have.... Read More

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    Congratulations! I am an accepted summer cohort member. Feel free to join us on our Facebook page: OHSU 2012 Accelerated BSN (Summer/Fall). We've been sharing a lot of information on there. I can tell you that most people are having to apply for private loans based on how the conversations on the Facebook page are going. The spreadsheet given by OHSU indicates that total cost Resident: $55,451.71, Non-Resident 64,331.71. I find this a bit misleading since the program runs Summer 2012-Summer 2013. This cost is Summer 2012-Spring 2013. There is still that last summer term that would be on your next years FAFSA. So your entire program total is probably another 14,000 on top of that. Yes, it is a lot of money but consider the opportunity you've been given. And coming out with a BSN/RN in the end you'll be able to pay off all those loans. There is a lot to get done before school starts though even for those of us who were accepted right away. Fingerprinting, background checks, buying textbooks, uniforms, registering classes, accessing financial aid, housing, lots of clinical compliance requirements and digging up immunizations records. It will be a stressful time crunch but if this is what you really want then go for it! Let me know if you have any other questions. Feel free to PM me. If you decide to attend hopefully I'll meet you at orientation next week

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    @Midwife22 - On their website it shows last years' tuition at $39,081 for residents. Where did you get your spreadsheet with the updated cost? Is it really $15,000 more this year? That seems a little steep!
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    I'm pretty sure that $55,000 is including what they think you will need to live, including housing, etc. The estimated tuition was still around 39,000 in state.
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    Andee137, Like Areawoman just mentioned that includes tuition, fees, supplies, and living expenses. Tuition still is around the same as before. The spreadsheet was included in the financial aid packet I received after being accepted. I believe online it can be accessed through Ohsu's registrar.
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    whew! Thank you for clearing that up
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    Quote from nursesarak
    I just got a call this afternoon from OHSU offering me a spot in the summer cohort! I'm kind of overwhelmed trying to figure out logistics. How has financial aid worked out for other admitted students? I'm about to call them, but am wondering if they'll even tell me anything since I'm not an admitted student in their system. How can I know to accept without seeing if I can actually afford it with their package? Did any admitted student need to go outside of OHSU in order to fund the program?
    Congrats nursesarak! Best of luck
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    Quote from Andee137
    whew! Thank you for clearing that up
    Congrats for getting accepted to OHSU Accelerated BSN program! Are you in the Summer or Fall Cohort?
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    I haven't been accepted yet. I was just wondering about potential cost. I am trying to get my finances straight in case I get a call
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    Quote from Andee137
    I haven't been accepted yet. I was just wondering about potential cost. I am trying to get my finances straight in case I get a call
    I like your optimism. I am in the same boat...ready and waiting for a possible call :spin:
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    Well I am likely to give up my spot so that should give you hope. I just can't take on that sort of debt when I plan to go to np school eventually. Pcc here I come. Fyi I was given 12500 in fed loans, the rest to be private. My efc was 6100. Good luck waitlisters!

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