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Hi! I live in Portland, OR and want to apply for OHSU's accelerated bachelor's program for nursing, but there isn't a lot of information out there on it. I've browsed their website, but it doesn't answer all the questions I have.... Read More

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    i am at the point of pure desperation...as of today, june 1, 2012: is there someone, anyone who might have spoken to ohsu admission dept to inquire if they will be offering any new/addtional spaces to the current absn alternates still on the waitlist? please help! thank you

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    Aprilshower.emma - I understand how frustrating and anxious you must be during this entire process when you are on the wait list, but if it is meant to be you will get a call. There is no point in posting every couple of days too see if anyone else has anymore information on what is going on. I would advise you to keep in touch with admissions for updates and check this forum because I'm sure people will post if they hear anything. Lots can happen between now and when the summer and fall cohorts start. Personally, once I got the wait list offer I did not have any expectations about admittance, I moved on with my life and began exploring other options. Then when I got the call I was so surprised and overjoyed. Keep your head up, if it's meant to happen it will.
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    Hello everyone, I am new to this informative website and have enjoyed reading the various comments blogs. As others on this website, I too was placed on the wait-list for OHSU Accelerated Nursing program. I would love to pick the brains of nursing candidates accepted into the program this year. Unfortunately, I believed that scored very low on the essay component of the admissions process. I would be appreciative of the opportunity to discuss ways of strengthening my essay before reapplying next year.
    Thank you
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    Optimisticnurse- Just curious, how do you know you scored low on the essay portion? Do they tell you things like that if you call?
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    I was just wondering that. Hmmm, worth a call, if that's true.

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    Quote from smallfry2
    Optimisticnurse- Just curious, how do you know you scored low on the essay portion? Do they tell you things like that if you call?
    Hello smallfry2 and nwnursing,
    Sorry for any confusion...Wrong choice of words. I have not received any form of feedback from OHSU. However, personally I feel that I my essay did not convey a strong emphasis on community involvement and/or how OHSU mission/philosophy of nursing aligns with my personal/professional experiences. I have always struggled with the art of being a talented or innovative writer. You?
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    I applied to the midwifery program at OHSU three times before I got in. The first two times, I called and spoke to admissions and they were happy to tell me where I was weak.
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    I just got a call this afternoon from OHSU offering me a spot in the summer cohort! I'm kind of overwhelmed trying to figure out logistics. How has financial aid worked out for other admitted students? I'm about to call them, but am wondering if they'll even tell me anything since I'm not an admitted student in their system. How can I know to accept without seeing if I can actually afford it with their package? Did any admitted student need to go outside of OHSU in order to fund the program?
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    Congrats nursesarak! Wow.. you'll be starting soon! I was admitted into several other programs and have applied to FAFSA. FAFSA caps out somewhere around $24,000 for me, so the rest of my program costs will be paid for through private loans. I did get a grant and a scholarship through two of the private universities I was accepted into, but I don't know how giving a state school such as OHSU is with their general fund. Did they say they would send you an admissions packet promptly? The admissions packet should have financial aid information or you could also call the financial aid office and explain to them you are concerned about costs. However, being that it is so close to when you will begin, you may need to take out more private loans to compensate for the lag in time that a scholarship or FAFSA may take to get money into your student account. Good luck!
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    Congratulations, nursesarak!

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