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Hi! I live in Portland, OR and want to apply for OHSU's accelerated bachelor's program for nursing, but there isn't a lot of information out there on it. I've browsed their website, but it doesn't... Read More

  1. by   optomistic.nurse
    Quote from Andee137
    whew! Thank you for clearing that up
    Congrats for getting accepted to OHSU Accelerated BSN program! Are you in the Summer or Fall Cohort?
  2. by   Andee137
    I haven't been accepted yet. I was just wondering about potential cost. I am trying to get my finances straight in case I get a call
  3. by   optomistic.nurse
    Quote from Andee137
    I haven't been accepted yet. I was just wondering about potential cost. I am trying to get my finances straight in case I get a call
    I like your optimism. I am in the same boat...ready and waiting for a possible call :spin:
  4. by   nursesarak
    Well I am likely to give up my spot so that should give you hope. I just can't take on that sort of debt when I plan to go to np school eventually. Pcc here I come. Fyi I was given 12500 in fed loans, the rest to be private. My efc was 6100. Good luck waitlisters!
  5. by   mjboregon
    I will be starting the AccBacc program Fall term, but am scrambling to find affordable housing in PDX area.
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  6. by   scwater22
    Hi everyone,

    I'm not sure how active this thread is, but I just thought I'd throw this out there- does anyone have any information on what the essay prompt(s) were for the ABSN application? Were you able to discuss your work/volunteer experiences, community service, leadership roles, club participation, etc? Since the program application doesn't include a resume, were you able to fit in your experience and qualifications into the essay(s)?

    Thanks very much to anyone who can help!
  7. by   scwater22
    I'm a new member so I can't send private messages yet, but THANK YOU so much to the person who messaged me! All the info was really helpful, and I might be in contact again in the future if that's okay. And I should probably clarify that I'm curious about the nature of the essay prompts, not necessarily specific questions- don't want to break any rules! Thanks again.
  8. by   Midwife22
    Feel free to contact me in the future if you want more information. I still check this board from time to time so if you post your question on here and direct it at me I can send you a PM.
  9. by   MidwifeDreams
    Hi Tigerlogic!

    Don't have the PM function yet but I really appreciate the advice on the admissions essay. I am applying for ABSN and ABSN to Masters (midwifery) for summer 2013 and would love to read a part or all of your admissions essay just to get an idea and/or any other tips you have would be greatly appreciated!

    Hope you are enjoying the program =D

  10. by   fishe23a
    Hi MidwifeDreams!

    I am also applying for the ABSN to Masters (midwifery) for summer 2013...after reading all of everyone else's comments (on the past 30 pages - from the info to the freaking out to the descriptions of the rigor of the program itself), I am feeling excited about the program but more than a little overwhelmed by the GPAs in previous bachelor's degrees (mine is on the low end, though did correspond with some of those accepted off of the waitlist last year), the cost of the program, and many applicants who are much older and have had much more life experience than I do. I'm still only 23 and was amazed by the list of people who had been CNAs for many years, or who had worked in entirely different fields, some health-related, some not, and some people in their late 30s and beyond. I feel quite inadequate, not yet two years out of college, only having worked as a lab technician in a neurobio lab after graduation! Good luck on your application!

    Anyone else who has been accepted to this program and wouldn't mind sharing tips - my email is tomate.azul@gmail.com

    Thank you!

  11. by   MidwifeDreams
    Hi Avery!

    I'm in the same position, 23 and 2yrs out of school. Keep up hope and I am hoping I can turn out a great essay!

    Should we start a new thread for this coming year? Has been great reading the experiences and backgrounds of last year!

  12. by   MidwifeDreams
    Perhaps a silly question but have been looking at the OHSU website and wondering if there is any better way of finding the nurse-midwife faculty then going through all the faculty?
  13. by   eando
    I am also in the same boat as you, it is so overwhelming to hear people's backgrounds who have so much experience in the medical/healthcare related field or who have a lot of experience in another field... I am coming from a BA in social sciences so healthcare is a completely new field for me and I only just graduated this spring.
    But I'm glad to hear that there are others who have similar backgrounds
    good luck to everyone!