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Hi! I live in Portland, OR and want to apply for OHSU's accelerated bachelor's program for nursing, but there isn't a lot of information out there on it. I've browsed their website, but it doesn't answer all the questions I have.... Read More

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    Hi Andee137,
    I am so sorry but I have misplaced the website information for private lenders. I will continue my search though! Have a wonderful evening

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    That's OK Let me know if you find it. Thanks!
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    Hi everyone,
    after some intense and awful wrangling I have decided to give up my spot, so here's to hoping that one of you waitlisters gets it! I just wasn't ready to take out over 40k in private loans. I'm probably going to apply again next year and try to save up (and do better scholarship research) in the meantime. In any case, I'm sad I won't be meeting you in real life this year, but thanks to all of you for your wisdom and ideas. And good luck to the waitlisters!
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    @nursesarak You do have time to have a life outside of OHSU. I just turned 23, so I am still in my young adulthood exploring and going out phase. It is an intensive program, without a doubt. It depends on what grades you are comfortable with getting (that will depend on how much you will be studying, and how much time you will have outside of class). It's not too bad, but it isn't easy. I am a type A personality, and most of us are in the program, so we put in a lot of time, but yes, there is time on the weekends to catch up with friends and go away for the weekend. Each person has their own experience in the program, which is why Sara's view is different than mine. Yes, they accepted more waitlisters last year for the fall cohort, because the waitlist became the fall cohort. The fall cohort was literally just started last September, and I can't tell you how many waitlisters will get in for summer and fall. I can tell you that people will get in off of the waitlist. Numbers are variable. Depending on what quarter you are in, you will have more, or less time for self care. Right now, I am at school everyday, generally on a minimum, 5 hours a day. On clinical days, I am at the hospital for 9. Like I said, it is different from everyone. The 3rd quarter for us has just been extremely busy. I hope this clears up what you were asking.
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    Hello llh5057,
    Thank you for sharing your perspective and experience thus far in the ABSN program. May I please inquire how you came to find out that the ABSN fall cohort 2011 consisted mostly of waitlisters? Do you have any insight on when possibly OHSU may start contacting waitlisters/alternates if space(s) become available for Summer/Fall Cohorts? Again, thank you and have a great weekend.
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    Hello fellow ABSN waitlisters,
    Quick question: Has anyone else received a call from OHSU regarding spaces available for Fall Cohort 2012?
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    Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I turned down my offer from OHSU for summer entry. I already accepted at another program for a Fall start. Anyway, best of luck to those on the waitlist and know that there is one spot open from me
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    Well, haha...from what everyone in my cohort said, they were all waitlisters too at OHSU. It's really variable for schooling up here and when you will get a call if an opening becomes available. For instance, one friend of mine got admitted into the school of dentistry a week after they started. Just keep an eye out for an e-mail or phone call. We had a mix of both. I got a call, some people received e-mails. Don't lose hope.
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    Hi llh5057,
    Thank you for bringing some glimmer of hope to us alternates/waitlisters! Have a wonderful day
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    berkeleygirl - where did you decide to go? Hopkins?

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