OHSU RNBS online or on-campus!!!

  1. Hello! So I have been accepted to the on campus cohort for the rnbs program starting in the fall. I recently got offered a job (at a post acute...not my first choice) which would give me experience while getting my bachelors but I would have to do the online option instead due to scheduling.
    I am wondering if anyone could give me some input on how realistic it is to do online clinicals and still hold a job (32 hr/wk). I am not familiar with online clinicals so it makes me a little uncomfortable. At the same time it would be really nice to have some experience when I get out of school and make some money at the same time!

    i originally chose OHSU over linfield because of the online aspect of linfield, meaning I really prefer on campus. My pro/con list is pretty equal! So any help would be appreciated!
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