1. Does anybody have any insights into the OHSU RN-BSN program? What are the admittance statistics? The "real" GPA requirement?

    I received my first B in nursing school today..so i am going through a little crisis. 1 1/2 semesters to go and my GPA just fell to a 3.92.
    I am currently slated to graduate from an ADN program in December. I'll be graduating from a school in Miami, Florida and plan to move towards the Portland area the following summer. My immediate post-graduation plans are to pursue a BSN and then eventually continue my education into advanced practice.
    My plans have me graduating in December, passing the NCLEX in January, working locally in Miami until I find a job in the Oregon/Washington area (leaning towards Portland), then moving to the area to work and continue my education.
    I know that is a little "coma crazy" but does that seem realistic? Any advice from anyone out that direction?

    Thanks in advance for your time.

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  3. by   marachne

    I am an OHSU undergrad graduate and a current PhD student. I did not go through the RN-BS program, but I know several of the people involved with it. All schools have their issues, but I think that the program at OHSU is a good one. It seems able to meet the needs of new AD grads as well as RNs who have been out there a long time. It is a mostly on-line program, but there are in person intensives which I think is superior to on-line only programs (but I don't like on-line only programs, YMMV)

    What I think really sets it apart however is that it has integrated the new "OCNE" curriculum (http://www.ohsu.edu/son/academic/bs-index.shtml) which has been developed by some of the best nurse educators around (including Chris Tanner who has, among other things, worked extensively with Benner of From Novice to Expert fame).

    I also highly recommend Portland (as much as I don't want more people moving here) it's much more livable than Seattle.

    My suggestion would be to go ahead and contact the director of the program and talk about your questions. Also, if you want more info off-forum, you can email me.
  4. by   nurseman78
    I honestly doubt you'd have a problem getting into any RN to BSN program with a 3.92. That's more than good enough for any CRNA or NP Master's program, so I'm sure a simple Bachelor's program will accept you. I hope so, because I don't have a 3.92 (3.65) and even I feel confident in getting into a BSN program. Good luck.
  5. by   OregonBSN
    I wouldn't beat yourself up over a 3.92 GPA! Rather pat yourself on the back. Linfield has a well respected RN-BSN program and it the least expensive in comparison to the other programs. Linfield also offers an accelerated RN-BSN program...

    Here are the links:

    Linfield RN-BSN Program
    Linfield's Accelerated RN-BSN Program
    Cost Comparison
  6. by   lilwbprincess
    I live in the Portland area and I am doing my RN-BSN right now through Washington State University. I started May 2009 and will finish July 2010. It's all online with the exception of clinicals that are scheduled in your area. I really like the program. Pretty organized, easy to contact instructors, the online software (Angel) is easy to access and navigate, and the amount of coursework is manageable -- for the most part! Instructors are flexible in terms of understanding that due dates are not set in stone and things of that nature. They also have a great graduate program - a few of my ADN instructors received advanced practice degrees at WSU.
    I think you're being hard on yourself re: the 3.92 GPA! I did not have this good of a GPA, but had no problems getting into a BSN program.
    Good luck, feel free to message me with more questions.